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No two voiceover projects are identical so it can be difficult to come up with a one-size-fits-all tariff.

We always start out with a BSF or 'basic studio fee' which covers my prep, recording, the use of my studio, editing, and delivery of files.  This applies to all projects before we calculate any usage fees. Usage is usually determined by how/where/how long the voice over is going to be used.  Do get in touch with the details of your project and I will be very happy to quote for you.

  • My BSF is £250

  • Corporate/Explainer videos - BSF plus usage (see below)

  • E-learning – from 15p per word for raw audio, and 20p per word for fully edited and proofed audio. (Min order amount is £200.)

  • Audio Guides - BSF plus usage (see below)

  • Audiobooks – from £120 pfh (per finished hour) for fully edited and proofed audio

  • IVR – from £7.50 for each individual IVR prompt

Usage fees

Different projects have different licensing or usage fees based on where you're intending to 'broadcast' them. TV commercials have a different rate to a social media ad for example, and probably the best guide can be found here.  Knowing your available budget is a great place start. I'll always try as much as possible to meet it.

As a general rule, for Corporate/Web/Explainer videos, I charge 75% of the BSF on top, per 1yr of usage.


For TV commercial work I would ask that you please contact my agent to discuss pricing and booking, since this requires a slightly more complex pricing structure.

For Audio Guides I charge my BSF plus 75% for 1 yr of usage.

For Audio Books if you require fully edited and proofed audio to be uploaded to ACX or similar, I charge £150 pfh (per finished hour.) If you require raw audio rather than fully edited files I charge £100 pfh.

E-Learning projects are charged by the word and there are 2 options here: for raw audio (unedited files) I chage 0.15p per word. For fully edited and proofed audio I charge 0.20p per word. Please note: the minimum order requirement would be £200 which is equivalent to approx 1,300 words.

IVR projects are charged at £7.50 per IVR prompt. Please note: there is a minimum charge of £37.50 for this service.


Rates for other projects are very much dependant on the project, but one of the best guides that the industry uses is the Gravy for the Brain Rate Card.  But please do not hesitate to contact me for an exact quote.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

  • Once my services have been officially engaged, the agreed fee is payable within 30 days of invoice via bank transfer. 

  • I can accept payment via Paypal but please note that this must be agreed in advance, and will incur a 6% charge to cover their fees.

  • I can also accept payment via Wise - the details will be on my invoice.

  • I may sometimes request a deposit of up to 50% for first time clients or long-form projects.


  • Re-takes/re-records on self-directed sessions for pace, tone and style are free within 10 days of the original recording. This can also include minor script changes (to less than 20% of the original script.)

  • Major script changes (to 20% or more of the original script) are charged at 50% of the BSF within 10 days, or treated as a new project outside of 10 days.

  • The recording of a script that was revised after the first text was officially approved and recorded, is regarded and billed as a new project.

  • With self-directed sessions I'm happy to record re-takes until you're satisfied. The only change to this is if script changes are made to 20% or more of the original script (please see above) where revision charges will be applied. 

  • With live-directed sessions I'll send through a copy of all takes recorded during the session, so you can select your preferred take. If the session requires extra time due to script changes etc then a charge according to my basic studio fee rate of £250 per hour is applicable.  This would be a minimum of £60 for up to 15 minutes, £125 for an extra half hour, or payment for the full hour for any longer.  

  • Typically, I send my invoice through with the audio files. Once you've approved the files the invoice should be paid within 30 days.  Any further changes, either to the script or project, would have to be negotiated and billed as an new order.

Copyright & Intellectual Property:

  • All prices quoted are pro-rata. All copyrights, intellectual property rights, broadcasts rights and any other rights associated with the voice over artist (for clarity, the voice over artist/worker hired by the hiring company) and the voice over artist's works and/or performances shall remain with the voice over artist. Upon full payment of my invoice, the following license is granted by the voice over artist for usage rights of the works listed as follows:

  • License details: The voice over artist's works may be used by the hiring company for a period as specified on my invoice, unless otherwise stated, upon which time the works shall cease to be used, or an additional usage payment (equal to the usage payment in the original invoice) shall be made to the voice over artist. The voice over artist's works may only be used for the agreed product or service (and any of the platforms or mediums) detailed in the invoice line-items, and not in any additional products or services in the future, unless otherwise stated.

  • For the sake of clarity, this also means that the works may never be incorporated into any text-to-speech, synthetic voice or Al Voice models, on any platform or medium, known now, or in the future.

  • The voice over artist's works may only be used in the geographical region as specified in the invoice line-items, unless otherwise stated; if no geographical region is stated then the license specifies that this is the hiring companies country location only. The hiring company may not transfer the works, nor this license to any third parties, (including the sale of the hiring company itself) without the written consent of the voice over artist.


Late Payment

If you think payment could take longer than 30 days, please talk to me in advance as we'll need to agree this before I begin the project. A deposit of up to 50% of the total may be required in advance.  Please note that if outstanding payment exceeds thirty days without prior agreement, fees will be applied to the total as per the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Act of 2002.

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Try Before You Buy

If you like what you hear but you want to be certain I’d be happy to record a short sample read so you can be confident that I’m right for your project.


You can get in touch with at for a custom sample or a quote for your project.

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