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My studio is ready for your live and directed sessions, or alternatively I can self-direct to your brief. I'll send your files to you directly, usually the same day.

Wherever you are in the world, I can help you out with high-quality audioSimply choose your preferred connection method or platform - I currently offer connections via Zoom, Cleanfeed, WhatsApp and Skype, but am always happy to use whatever you prefer.  Just send through a script, your brief, how you'd prefer your finished files (i.e. wav or mp3 etc,) and the deadline, and I'll do the rest!


Studio Details

  • RØDE NT1 Condenser Microphone (4th Gen)

  • Audient iD22 audio interface

  • Adobe Audition 2024

  • Macbook Pro for editing

  • iPad with Teleprompter for annotating and reading

  • iZotope RX10 Advanced Audio Editor

  • Cleanfeed / Zoom / Whatsapp / Skype

  • Dropbox Professional file sharing and cloud storage

  • Superfast Broadband

Unprocessed Studio Sample

Raw Unprocessed Audio
00:00 / 00:41

Try Before You Buy

If you like what you hear but you want to be certain I’d be happy to record a short sample read so you can be confident that I’m right for your project.


You can get in touch with at for a custom sample or a quote for your project.

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